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Beyond Ourselves Zambia (BOZ) is an Education Development Non-Governmental Organisation that is based in Ndola in the Copperbelt of Zambia. We have been working with Community Schools since 2008. We empower development and release potential through professional guidance, as well as financial assistance in teachers’ salaries, school feeding programmes and high school bursaries.

Over the years the professional support we offered to our partner schools has widened to include additional community schools and, in 2018, we started conducting training with government schools and those in the private sector.

Women teaching children in classroom

We currently employ the only accredited Jolly Phonics trainers in Zambia and are facilitating pilots of this English Literacy programme in multiple schools across all 10 districts of the Copperbelt. We are passionate about education and are seeing the difference it can make to communities across Zambia.

If you are a school leader or a teacher who would like to find out more about training opportunities through BOZ, please register your interest through our contact page.

During our events many of the educators we have trained ask us about ongoing support to continue their professional development.

In response, Beyond Ourselves Zambia have collected and catalogued a number of the resources we have produced ourselves. We have also gathered a bank of resources that are free to be downloaded elsewhere on the internet. Our growing library of teaching resources is free to access and download to improve your teaching practice. In addition, we have a number of videos that accompany resources ensuring that you, as professionals, are able to get the most out of each available resource.

Learn about Beyond Ourselves

Beyond Ourselves Zambia was born out of a British charity called Beyond Ourselves (UK). Follow this link to find out more about how our parent organisation partners with businesses, churches, schools and individuals, to bring education development and community transformation.