Tips for Teaching Blending

Top tips for teaching

Skill 3: Blending (for Reading) Practice your pronunciation – ensure you say the sound you’re teaching, correctly!

Auditory Blending (pre-reading)

Say the sounds in a word for a child to blend together


  • Identify each sound in the word and mark with a dot (or button) – (Don’t forget that a digraph is one sound, but two letters).
  • Use your arm to demonstrate blending
  • Say the initial sound ‘loud and proud’, with the following sounds ‘quick and quiet’

The Blending song

  • Lyrics to follow separately

Demonstrate a game

  • Mime actions for the children to blend corresponding sounds together.
  • ‘Show me’ blending activity: Write and number 4 safe words on the board. Read a word and get children to show you the number related to the word you read, by indicting that number of fingers.
  • Best done with a group of children

Send in as many videos as you like.

At the end of the week we will select the best examples and then we’ll send the top 10 videos makers K50 each through mobile money.

What makes a good video:

  • Videos should be between 1 and 4 minutes long.
  • Ensure that the filming is good enough quality filming for us to be able to see and hear what is happening. Remember, we want to use the best ones for training!